Meet Our Leadership Team

Devon Cox

Devon Cox

Massini Group is in the business of identifying the drivers of sales success and making them visible and actionable for their clients. This Empirical SellingSM methodology is the backbone to Massini Group and has been the catalyst of the efficiencies and significant bottom line revenue gains that their clients realize.

Devon started his career in small business consulting, working with entrepreneurs and incubators in an academic setting. While assisting these companies as they attempted to evolve and grow he developed a fascination and passion for identifying the general rules and tenants that lead to their success. This interest and experience has proven invaluable since entering the private sector.

For nearly 10 years now at Massini Group Devon has helped enterprise companies, including a number from the Fortune 500 list, build, develop, and grow efficient and highly successful SMB-focused B2B sales channels. Combining a statistical background with the personal attention required to be successful in this space Devon brings the art and the science of B2B selling together. This allows the ability to definitively identify or confirm which channels are operating efficiently or near best practices and which channels are costing significant opportunity. Having observed and built within so many environments Devon is able to develop strategies and then assist in realigning focus to the optimal areas and methodologies.

Prior to Massini Group Devon worked in field sales bringing new products to bear in new markets with a focus on the SMB and consumer space. This rounded out Devon’s experience and skillset to better relate and understand the challenges SMB-focused B2B channels face on an individual and organizational level.

Devon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration - Marketing and a Master of Business Administration from Eastern Washington University.

Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington

Director of Client Services
Steve Harrington, Director of Client Services, has more than 15 years international business-to-business sales acceleration experience.

Steve is a proven leader with a passion for accuracy, efficiency, and results. Over the past 12 years at Massini Group, Steve has helped several of the world's most valuable B2B marketing brands like American Express EMEA, FedEx, and AMD, and others build best practices for sales acceleration.

Major achievements include the reformation of a chaotic multi-country EMEA sales environment into a fully integrated, best practices automated sales workflow, highly effective statistical modeling for efficient SMB targeting and mid-market telesales optimization.

Prior to Massini Group, Steve managed worldwide marketing for a transaction processing company.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing and Advertising from Portland State University.