As the connected universe evolves with with the incredible advancements of big data, machine learning, AI, and IoT, companies must have proper data practices in place in order to scale as quickly as the industry is moving.

Financial Services

The financial sector is quickly evolving and now, more than ever before, it’s crucial to turn data into actionable insights to propel your sales and marketing efforts. Massini Group has twenty years of experience helping SMB’s and global organizations use analytics to identify valuable business opportunities from data to drive decisions and improve ROI.


The transportation industry is advancing at the speed of light. Is your data? As the industry becomes leaner, data-driven, and faster, it may appear that it’s difficult to keep up. The travel industry must be efficient and smart about using their data in order to maximize all channels of marketing and sales to become more responsive to customers.

Shipping and Distribution

The shipping and distribution industry is undergoing accelerated change. Intelligent use of technology and data analytics will result in lower costs, enhanced efficiency, and the opportunity to make significant advancements in the way the industry works. Keeping your customers apprised of the advancements and offerings of your business is critical. Understanding corporate hierarchy and multi location relationships is particularly important when selling these services.

With twenty years in this industry, Massini Group understands that your organization has a wealth of data which is waiting to be tapped into. Massini Group can help bridge the gap between all of your data sources, provide you with actionable insights, and push your organization into the next tier of success.

Business Services

Is your organization operating at maximum efficiency? Is there alignment between your teams, their priorities, and most importantly, the data and insights used to make business decisions?

With twenty years of experience helping SMB’s and global organizations make efficiency improvements to maximize your internal processes, Massini Group can identify the drivers of sales success and make them visible and actionable, helping your business achieve optimum results.

Office Products and Electronics

The office products and electronics space is competitive with tight revenue streams. Companies focused on maximizing profits and marketing share using data and technology are meeting these challenges head on and are able to meet customer demands and navigate through this ever changing landscape.

Business Software Solutions

Not only is it imperative to understand customer needs in order to build software, it’s just as important to understand their needs in order to sell it. Keeping up with new technologies, business model transformation, cyber security, analytics, and more, makes this sector especially challenging. Is your organization simplifying the marketing and sales side of the business, or is it wasting time putting resources into a time (and money) sinking approach?