Market Analysis


Massini Group has gained over 20 years’ experience working in the Enterprise to SMB space. During this period, they have gained an understanding of the analytics required to forecast the true size of a client’s potential market. Massini Group has found in the majority of the environments that they have entered there are both false negatives (companies that should be targeted but are not) and false positives (companies receiving marketing and sales resources, that cannot purchase) that are present in the universe. By understanding the comprehensive market and then strategically prioritizing how finite resources should be allocated, one can drive almost instantaneous outsized gains by simply pointing existing resources at the correct targets.

Data Services
Market Share Calculations

To truly understand your place in the market you need to be able not only to understand your customers, but how many potential targets exist in the marketplace. Massini Group can assist you in understanding your ideal customers and extrapolating how many of that specific type of target exist in your universe.

This understanding has led our clients to a few different action plans.

  1. Identifying new product offerings to penetrate different sections of the market.
  2. Focusing resources on most likely to convert targets or taking advantage of relatively “easy wins” before transitioning to harder to win leads.
  3. Reconciling the gap between your existing marketing universe and the total potential universe of prospects that meet your target profile. Massini Group can help you acquire targets to fill the gap and/or enrich your universe where data is lacking via Massini Group’s well-established relationships with various third-party data vendors.

This market understanding is essential to truly identify where you stand relative to your competitors and set the strategy of how you can most effectively capture the market share that is up for grabs.