Massini Group provides managed sales acceleration solutions to SMB’s and global-scale organizations who primarily rely on telesales or multi-channel sales processes to drive revenue. With 20 years of experience, after 5,000+ campaigns and 150 million+ outcomes, Massini Group has the benchmarks and best practices data needed to implement a comprehensive review of your sales and marketing channels. Significantly improve sales efficiency, grab more market share, increase sales, decrease costs – ultimately, add more toward your bottom line.

What Others Say About Us

“Massini Group has been instrumental in driving sales success at American Express Business Travel by building and maintaining our marketing reference database and optimizing our telephone lead generation efforts. With Massini Group help we have reduced our cost per lead by 75% and sustained that level of performance for years.”

American ExpressSr Manager Strategic Planning

“The Massini team brings a supreme level of expertise, passion and commitment to their client relationships. Unparalleled analytic capabilities with consistent on time delivery and focus on client’s end goals. Joe’s efforts were key in redefining most profitable segments to target and uncovering opportunity to improve database.”

VerizonGroup Marketing Manager

“It is my great pleasure to provide the Massini Group with a very strong recommendation. While at American Express, I have had the opportunity to work with the Massini Team for almost three years (2009 – 2012) on a very high profile project. Massini has been responsible for providing external lead management technology support on this project. The Massini Team has always been a very responsible, proactive, and dedicated partner. Massini frequently made recommendations that helped us save both time and money. There were several instances when the Massini Team proactively raised issues that helped us avoid problems. I enjoyed working with the Massini Team. The nature of our program required them to provide multiple deliverable on a short-notice basis. The Team was always positive and hard-working. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a superb lead management technology partner to hire Massini immediately.”

American Express Senior Marketing Manager

“The Massini Group offer a unique service to marketing organizations looking to improve their ability to target the right people at the right time to generate business. They are a highly skilled, knowledgeable team that can help deliver bottom line results. I have personally worked with them on multiple projects and have been extremely satisfied with each. The team is very accessible, thorough and takes the time to dig into the details with their clients. I highly recommend The Massini Group for any organization that wants to better understand their target markets and how to drive demand.”

Cummins Allison Senior Vice President and Strategic Planning

“As one of the leading outsourcers in the B2B sales and marketing industry, my company was under pressure to find effective ways to optimize results for our clients, and the Massini Group successfully lead key initiatives that helped us meet those demands… Massini’s expertise in data, operational optimization, sale/marketing campaign management and measurement, process improvement, analytics, and predictive modeling is unsurpassable. … they’re the most effective service partners I’ve ever worked with!”



Massini Group custom builds reporting dashboards, campaign and telesales management tools specifically for your organization and processes. This is proven to reduce friction of new systems integrations and onboarding, seamlessly providing your team with the real-time insights and predictive analytics needed to make quick, yet strategic, data-backed business decisions to increase sales efficiency and convert leads to sales rapidly.