Omni Channel Integration


Organizations use several different means to attract customers. Because efforts are detailed and multifaceted, Massini Group discovered many companies are leaving some of the best data, their own, sitting on the table.  Many companies offer tools or platforms in order to integrate marketing efforts and build the “Customer Journey.” Massini Group believes that the whole is only as good as the parts. Ensuring that data is structurally sound and comprehensive is a necessity before integrating into an omni channel strategy.

Massini Group is neither a software company nor a seat based solution provider. We want to understand your unique business objectives.   We will help structure your data collection and build an omni channel solution that contains the appropriate checks and balances. In today’s market, with constant technological advancement, there is no “Set it and forget it” solution.

How do you build an optimized Omni Channel Marketing strategy?

The first step to building a strategy is ensuring that all data sources are identified.  Defining the data elements and building processing steps ensure that consistent and reliable data is being collected.  Massini Group will define these steps. For example, outbound Telemarketing is an amazing means of data collection. Massini Group will help standardize and define the methodology by which data is collected. This can be done using existing tools and feeds.  An audit the structure of the data for each channel, historical data, and timeliness of data must be implemented for all the following channels that are in play.

  • Inside sales teams
    • D2D
    • OTM
  • External Sales Teams
    • D2D
    • OTM
  • Digital
    • Website interactions
      • Downloads
      • Page reads
      • Abandoned shopping carts
    • Advertisement Responses
      • Click throughs
      • Responses to other CTA’s
  • eMail
    • targets
    • opens
    • click through
    • other CTAs
  • Direct Mail
    • Delivered
    • Responded
  • ANA Messaging
  • Inbound Call Centers
  • Customer Service
  • Others
    • Affiliate marketers
    • Social Media

Building a comprehensive data set of potential targets and existing customers may sound as simple as purchasing 3rd party data. The reality of available attributes and the consolidation of data into one central database can be complicated.


Massini Group will aggregate customer data and 3rd party data into a deduplicated database that has links to all available attributes.  The most important attributes of omni channel marketing are the comprehensive client interactions.

Through a multitude of campaigns and enterprise clients, Massini Group has identified the variable that is statistically most predictive of future outcomes is historical interaction. This variable’s power increases significantly if your team creates a uniform data structure and polices the quality of data that is input.

There are hundreds of data aggregators that will sell you lists and attributes, but without fail, the most valuable data elements that you can possess are accurate and consistent interactions with the companies you are engaged with.

This data feed allows your Master Target Site List to be a living, breathing database that will help you identify buying indicators and prioritize leads to the appropriate channel to close.

You have existing tools and methodologies in place. These tools can be adapted to provide you the insights and processes you need in order to convert your organization into an optimized omni channel environment.

Massini Group has experience working with many providers.

With the proper data structure in place, rather than haphazardly lobbing sales efforts into your database, you are now allowed to fully understand what any individual company that you are interacting with is experiencing. There are 4 goals in managing the customer experience;

  • Building Brand – By informing sales people of historical interaction we can avoid the right hand not being aware of the left hand as well ensure that the businesses being targeted feel valued and that the touch points are complimentary and not the result of “mass marketing.”
  • Managing COA – Utilizing correct channels in proper order impacts not only the customer’s experience, but the overall cost of acquisition. Understanding where your target fits in your nine-box value grid helps isolate which channels are suitable for which leads. Existing modeling and propensity scores should be used in determining overall channel strategy. Massini Group provides business model and lead scoring services to help better understand how to properly allocate resources.
  • Providing specified messaging – By understanding your target market (industry, historical interaction, size, other profile data) you can tailor your message based on opportunity and application. Qualifying and disqualifying leads from sales messaging tracks is important to isolate the message that will best resonate with a lead. Massini Group will help you leverage a unified message across channels. Examples include emails that were opened or actioned being queued in OTM CRMs. As a lead is pulled up recent messages (DM or email) can be made available to reps to ensure that the messages delivered are synonymous, or if found ineffective, the message can be altered to position another value proposition.
  • Measuring and Testing – Massini Group has found that different environments and strategies have unique impacts on behavior. Understanding the pulse of your channel will be critical in maximizing sales. Multiple touches are required to convert cold prospects. Channels can be complimentary of one another in many different directions. In order to solve the combination for what drives sales in your organization you must measure and collect in your environment. Utilizing a black box automation tool in a complicated B2B environment can actually damage overall conversion if the perspectives of your unique clients are not taken into consideration.


Massini Group has experience across many industries and has tribal knowledge about how relationships can differ. We have built and evaluated omni channel marketing in the following industries;

  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Business Service
  • Others

Omni channel marketing is continually evolving. Technology, market presence, competitors’ strategies and your prospect’s personalized situation will require adaptation and adjustment to continue to drive best practice results. The more data you collect and the longer a program is operational, the more scientific and specified you can be in your conversion approaches.