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Massini Group, through data processing and lead prioritization, has helped its clients save millions of dollars in mailer and postage costs by eliminating resources spent on inappropriate targets. Massini Group has found that a comprehensive database that is fed by all available marketing channels will lead to more effective mailers as well as more concise messaging.

Massini Group will help you build and populate your database with the most optimal leads and contacts to make sure your message lands in the right hands.

Direct Mail
Resource Centers

Through population and tracking of promotional codes Massini can tie your direct mail efforts to a web-based resource center that will track who responds to what messages. These leading indicator metrics can help your business understand the relative excitement and responses to your messaging.

As promotional codes are utilized your business now has the ability to employ other channels to drive business to close. This data is both used as a trigger and to further refine propensity to buy or propensity to respond measures.

Segment Definition

By understanding your customer base you can begin to understand what products or services your customers may be interested in. Massini Group will help you identify market segments that warrant separate and distinct messages, saving you valuable resources that can be utilized for additional campaigning.

Bill Messaging

Massini Group can also help you via bill messaging to generate new referrals and drive leads from a paper bill to a web resource center where leads can be tracked, actioned and closed. Ask us for more information on how we have helped clients drive more business from their existing customers.